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Poster: He Live's Date: Aug 6, 2008 9:49pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: (this is not a post about) HELP ON THE WAY..... (Ashes Rising, please!......)

help on the way

what a song -- all the parts fit together so splendidly...

it is not so much a Song as a CALL -- it is like a mating cry sung in the dark of morning, a plea...
to a dove, an elegant statement of wild, un-abandoned love that must be fulfilled -- a short respite
for the weary. there is an air of desperation, there is the feeling that LOVE can come in.....

Paradise waits, on the crest of a wave, her angels in flames.
She has no pain, like a child she is pure, she is not to blame.
Poised for flight, wings spread bright, spring from night into the sun.
Don't stop to run, she can fly like a lie, she can't be outdone.

Tell me the cost; I can pay, let me go, tell me love is not lost.
Sell everything; without love day to day insanity's king.
I will pay day by day, anyway, lock, bolt and key.
Crippled but free, I was blind all the time I was learning to see.

Help on the way, well, I know only this, I've got you today.
Don't fly away, cause I love what I love and I want it that way.
I will stay one more day, like I say, honey it's you.
Making it too, without love in a dream it will never come true.

and for now, you are in my grasp, and the love is running through, it may be a dream, but without
love in a dream it will never come true........

this song, whether played note-perfect or stumbled across, it still created a FEELING like no other
grateful dead song.......


the opening is like an IMMEDIATE gratification, the Dead's best 2 minute and 50 second song, and just as soul pleasing as any 20 minute jam they ever played........

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Poster: Donnie L. Date: Aug 7, 2008 1:49am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: (this is not a post about) HELP ON THE WAY..... (Ashes Rising, please!......)

This is one of my fav GD tunes...loved the whole thing with slipknot and franklins. as for Help on the Way...I thought it was about jerry's and mountain girl's marriage/relationship...they split up I think around 73 or 74 and according to phil's book , M. Girl really was hurt and didn't take it well...but I could be really wrong too...jerry left her for D. Koons at that phil said the rock and roll is hard on most relationships

Donnie L.